Thank you to all of the teams that came out for the WoD Against Hunger- a team workout hosted to collect food and donations for the South Loop Food Pantry.  Teams of 4 battled through 8 rounds of 1000 meter rows and alternating AMRAP ground to overhead complexes. Teams received 2 seconds off their final time for snatches and 1 second off their final time for clean and jerks.  Final team scores were as follows:

  1. Jenni, Andrew, Jon, Mike G – 18:28
  2. Amanda, Brad, Joe, JQ – 19:20
  3. Amelia, Ryan, KEvin, Aaron – 19:24
  4. Grace, Michelle, Manny, BJ – 19:33
  5. Dana, Sophia, Fei, Renate – 20:14
  6. Dave L, Adam, Jim, Mark S – 20:28
  7. Rachel, Nikki, Ashley, Jean – 23:48


In addition to the 10 bags of food donated by members, Justin and I stopped at Aldi, a well known chain of bargain grocers, with cash donations of $450! We made two trips into the store, piling our cart high with entire cases of items such as tuna, canned fruits and vegetables, soups, olive oil and peanut butter.
When we arrived at the food pantry we were warmly greeted by Anthony and Pastor Mark. They thanked us for choosing items such as spices that help make good dinners, said this was the largest single donation the South Loop Food Pantry had ever seen!!!
The South Loop Food Pantry is always in need of donations, including meats.  They have several large freezers and refrigerators and a 20 foot wall with floor to ceiling storage space for non-perishables.  The day of our visit they had just finished the setup for their next distribution.  I counted over a hundred bags of food! If anyone is interested in making further donations please give them a call at 312.566.9076 or visit one of their nonperishable drop off locations listed on their website.
We appreciate all of the support we received in our efforts to make a difference for many families in our surrounding community.  The South Loop has given us so much; not only a location for our gym, but a supportive community of like-minded athletes where long lasting friendships can be made. Events like this remind us to always be thankful for the ability to provide ourselves with healthy food options.

Thank you for making The Foundry a place I am proud to be part of!