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Dear Diary, I Miss Working Out

We make an effort to check in with members every week, and a comment we have been hearing a lot lately is "I miss lifting!", or "I miss working out!".  You're not alone, we (the staff) are also feeling some serious gym FOMO. With that said, the current state...

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Combat Apathy + Boost Happiness with Micro Goals

At The Foundry, we often help members break down long-term fitness goals into manageable chunks that can be accomplished in 90 days.  Creating milestones helps you achieve your big picture goals because the success of achieving each piece motivates you to keep...

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Athlete of the Month – Kate Sinclair

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_xNY1nU9qA Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What brought you to Chicago? What are you passionate about? I’m originally from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve lived in Chicago before (2013-15) but I moved back this past November...

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How To Workout During a Quarantine

Our blog provides proven, positive actions you can take to stay healthy and happy. Beating The Stay At Home Blues Working from home and staying inside during this quarantine is a big adjustment for many of us.  The lack of structure and in-person interaction can...

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Exercise: The #1 Defense

You already have enough news coming at you. Our blog provides proven, positive actions you can take to reduce your risk of COVID-19 and stay healthy and positive during the quarantine. Exercise Boosts Immunity As we hunker down at home, it's easy to feel a little...

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Creating Opportunity in Times of Uncertainty

If you've been reading the news, which I'm sure you have, I wouldn't be surprised if you feel nervous or scared.  Uncertainty is a primary source of fear, and it's hard to feel comfortable when it feels like the situation is changing day by day. You already have...

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Shop Less, Shop Better

Black Friday is upon us, and I'm sure your email is flooded with special offers from every retailer you've ever interacted with.  But with all this consumerism taking place, it begs the question "Do we really need more? Or do we need better?". This...

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