Getting Started

Whether you have been exercising regularly or are just taking the first step toward improving your fitness, The Foundry is committed to helping you achieve your unique goals.

Foundations: 90-Day Journey to Success

Foundations is our program for new members that will help you change your body, change your habits, and create results that last.

Unlike most fitness programs that focus only on burning calories to “get in shape”, Foundations will help you become the kind of person who always stays in shape by building strength, learning to train with proper form, and making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

Over the 90 days, you’ll work 1-on-1 with a coach to learn the fundamental movements, develop a consistent workout routine, and stay accountable toward your goals.  In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to work with our nutrition coach to make better food choices and supercharge your results.

We work with many successful professionals, and we understand the importance of staying healthy and fit on a tight schedule.  That’s why our Foundations program is designed to give you outstanding long-term results, while being efficient with your time.

The No-Sweat Intro

Ready to learn more?  The No-Sweat Intro is an opportunity to discuss your background and goals with one of our professional coaches.  We’ll cover what you’ve done in the past, what success looks like for you, and recommend a plan of action.  The meeting will last approximately 30 minutes, and is the first step toward becoming a member.

Set Up a Free No-Sweat Intro