Take a look at any fitness magazine and you’ll see countless articles on “how to lose 10 lbs fast!”

We’ve been conditioned since adolescence to believe that pounds is the sole metric that determines how we look and feel, our sexual appeal, health, and confidence.

Over the next few posts I’m going to share with you why pounds is an incomplete, if not poor metric, and how focusing solely on it could send you sideways or even backward from what you really want.

Not all Pounds are Created Equal

When people talk about losing weight what they actually want is to lose fat.  Body Fat %, along with muscle mass are is the primary metrics that determine what we look like in the mirror. 

A healthy body fat, combined with an appropriate muscle mass, creates a sexy, athletic look.  It also carries a huge array of health benefits and has been known to significantly boost your confidence.

What Do Different Body Fat Percentages Look Like?

Body Fat Percentage Basics 

Body fat percentage is the amount of body fat (in lbs or kg) divided by total body weight.

We all have different body fat distributions based on genetics.  Some women will have very little fat in their stomach, but store more in their thighs and triceps, whereas others will have the opposite.  Most men will tend to accumulate fat in their stomach.

Additionally, the same body fat percentage will look different on various people based on how much muscle mass the person has. 

People with more muscle mass will look more athletic and lean than a very thin person with the same body fat %  (“skinny fat”).

How to Lose Body Fat

If you would like to move up the chart from where you are now, you need to follow a consistent exercise program that involves regular strength training, plus a healthy eating plan.

Using this approach, we have helped hundreds of women achieve the 20-25% body fat range and men achieve the 10-15% body fat range.  This is a range that is athletic, healthy, and most importantly, sustainable for people who have demanding jobs.

Next week I’ll talk more about how muscle mass affects weight and fat loss.

If you’d like to get started on the journey towards lower body fat, set up a free intro to learn more.