Who Are We?

From The Founder

The Foundry is more than a Gym.  We believe in helping you forge your best self through sustainable health and fitness.

Growing up I was very active and played tennis and other sports competitively.  After college, it was difficult to replace those activities while adjusting to the demands of being a working adult.  I was frustrated that although I had a great job, I felt as if my health and fitness was taking a back seat.  Going to the gym was boring and wasn’t very effective.

I had an epiphany: we are not meant to simply go to work, sit in cubicles and collect a paycheck for years on end while our physical health declines.  We are meant to explore, run, jump, lift and play so that we may experience life to the fullest and inspire others to do the same.

With that in mind, I set about creating something that would be fun, effective, and sustainable. I started the gym in 2011 in the back room of my apartment with a handful of weights, two friends as clients and a lot of passion.

Today, we operate a 6,000 sqft facility in downtown Chicago, work with hundreds of busy professionals and have been voted one of Chicago’s best gyms.

If you would like to achieve the fitness you deserve and maintain it for life, I invite you to get started with us.

Justin Quandt



  • To make the biggest impact on our clients’ fitness, happiness, and well-being.
  • To provide our team with meaningful compensation, professional development, and advancement opportunity.


“To help people forge their best self through sustainable health and fitness.”


  • GrowthThe desire to become the best version of yourself you are capable of.
  • Ohana: We’re building a tribe of awesome people who lead extraordinary lives.
  • Do it With Passion: Leading an awesome life and living to the fullest.

Our Coaches

Justin Quandt

Justin Quandt


“I believe everyone deserves the health and well-being necessary to live their best life.”
Fabio Castellon

Fabio Castellon

Coach - AM

Fabio takes pride in helping people grow as athletes and humans every day.

Adrian Bilyk, CSCS

Adrian Bilyk, CSCS

Coach - PM

Coach Adrian is a former Navy Officer and an accomplished endurance athlete with a passion for education.


123 S. Jefferson St.

Chicago, IL 60661