Most people come through our doors looking to “lose weight and get toned.” The problem is that losing weight is a very ambiguous goal, making it difficult to stick to.

It is easy to get discouraged by numbers from a simple scale, but your weight doesn’t tell the whole story.

Your body is made up of muscle, fat and water. So losing weight is not the same as losing fat.  Likewise, gaining weight may not be fat gain.

The InBody is a top of the line body composition analyzer which provides a detailed body composition analysis. 

Using this information, we can help you efficiently lose fat, dial in your nutrition, identify muscle deficiencies, and achieve the best results..

Below there are two pictures of me taken one year apart (July 2019 -> July 2020)

July 2019 – July 2020

Scan Results 

And here are the corresponding Inbody test results for each picture.

Scan Results

What Do These Numbers Mean?

Skeletal Muscle Mass: SMM is the amount of muscle tissue on your body.  Mine increased 7lb from 100.8# to 107.6#

Body Fat Mass: The amount of stored body fat.  Here I saw a decrease of 3lb from 36.2# to 33.4#

Body Fat Percentage:  Body fat mass divided into total weight.  The increase in SMM and decrease in body fat led to a reduction in body fat percentage from 16.9% to 15.1%

My Total weight increased from 213lb to 221lb. If I had no other information, I might conclude that was a bad thing, but looking at the data we can see that I gained 7 additional lbs of muscle and lost 3lb of fat (the remaining difference is water), resulting in a 2% drop in body fat.

Basal Metabolic Rate:  The amount of calories your body expends in a day, before any additional exercise.  This increases with skeletal muscle mass, so my muscle gain resulted in an increased resting metabolic rate of 109 calories from 2,103 to 2,212.

The increase in metabolism means that I could either:

  1. Lose fat on the same caloric intake as before.
  2. Maintain my weight by eating an 110 calories per day than before
  3. Gain muscle by consuming more than 110 extra calories per day. 

In short, by increasing my muscle mass I lose body fat more quickly or can eat more without gaining fat, 

Putting it All Together 

Reducing body fat and getting toned requires resistance training and a healthy diet.  To evaluate your progress, you need more information than what’s provided on a basic scale.

If you’d like to schedule an Inbody scan to receive a detailed body composition, including an in-depth analysis with one of our coaches, please schedule below ($50).