One of the things we pride ourselves on at The Foundry is being able to provide all our clients with a Coach for Life.

Whats a coach for life?

Well, its something you wont find at many gyms!

The majority of fitness facilities are marred by a constant revolving door of coaches, or as we call them, coaches for now. The average career length of a personal trainer is around two years. For the client, this means the moment you start to feel connected to a coach, that coach or trainer leaves the gym and is replaced by a new, unfamiliar face.

A Coach for Life, on the other hand, is a professional coach committed to being a fitness professional for his entire career. He/she wants to work with his clients for decades: Kind of like how many people have the same doctor, dentist and accountant for decades.

The concept of a Coach for Life is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. On the client end, this is what you can expect from your Coach for Life:

7. Regular check-ins

Even if youre at the stage of your fitness journey where youre somewhat self-sufficient in the gym and are attending multiple group classes each week, you should still expect regular check-ins with your coach. These check-inscan come in the form of weekly, monthly or quarterly private coaching sessions or individual programming designed for you to work on a particular weakness. These check-ins are necessary to ensure youre constantly moving forward.

6. Why?

Understanding the concepts and reasons behind your training is important, and your Coach for Life will always be able to articulate WHY so youre not left wondering about the intention of any given movement or training session.

Why is this movement useful?

How is this helping your fitness?

Why should you reduce the weight on your barbell for this conditioning workout?  

Your Coach for Life understands the method behind the madness and will always take the time to help you understand WHY.

5. Even if it hurts your feelings

Your coach will always be up front with you, even if its not what you want to hear.

No, youre not ready to learn a muscle-up yet,might piss you off, but it should anger you less if he/she can provide a solution to help you become ready to learn a muscle-up.

While some people want their coach to be their cheerleader, the best coachesthe ones that will bring you resultsfocus less on motivating and cheerleading and more on providing you with honest feedback and a plan of attack, even if it hurts your ego.

4. Veteran love

If you have been around for five years, your coach for life wont take your business and loyalty for granted. He will continue to be involved in your fitness journey even after 10 years of training.

3. Education

Like any other profession based on science, you should expect your coach to continually educate himselfbe it formally through seminars or courses, or more informally and independently.

Stagnation kills when it comes to something as ever changing as theories about fitness and the human body, which is why you can breathe easy knowing your coach for life is constantly learning.

2. Push and pull

Your coach for life should know you and your abilities as well, or even better, than you do. Because of this, you should expect him/her to push you to do things you didnt think you had in youto help you conquer fears you didnt know you could.

Because there is nothing like the satisfying feeling of doing something you didnt think youd ever do…

1. Emotional support

While the gym is a place you go for physical workouts, whats going to keep you around to work on your fitness for years to come aren’t the workouts themselves, but the way the gym makes you feel.

Working with a coach who is able to provide not just physical, but also emotional support will go a long way in making you feel comfortable and keeping you here for life.