The Foundry Grill

Salmon Cakes with mango salsa, Bacon Kale & Sautéed Asparagus

The most common barrier to eating well is having time to prepare meals from scratch.  We all know there comes a point when you simply can’t eat salads anymore.  Introducing the Foundry Grill: a service that creates fresh, healthy, & tasty meals from scratch!  All items are Paleo and Foundry approved (many of our original recipes are used).  Meals are prepared at Cassava, a gluten-free restaurant in Lakeview and delivered to the gym.


Packages of 3 or 5 meals.  Meals come in two sizes (5oz or 8oz protein).  5oz is usually plenty for lunch, smaller athletes, or lighter training days.  8oz is recommended for dinner or after an intense training session.  Each portion will be unique and will contain one of the following protein options: chicken, turkey, pork (chops, loin) beef (steak, burgers, meatloaf, roasts), fish (salmon, tilapia,  & other fish), plus two vegetable sides (examples include bacon infused kale, roasted beet vegetables, garlic asparagus).


Food will be available Monday morning each week (2 meals for 3 meal packages, 3 meals for 5 meal packages) and Wednesday afternoon at 4:30pm (1 meal for 3 meal packages, 2 meals for 5 meal packages).


All food will be delivered to the Foundry according to the schedule above


Our meal packages are the easiest and most convenient way to follow the Paleo diet and optimize your nutrition.  Meals are restaurant quality and average out to $10.50 for 5oz portions, $12.67 for 8oz portions.


Order online

by midnight on Wednesday for delivery the following week.

If you’d like lunches and dinners order combinations of 3 or 5 meals to reach your desired amount.