Some of you know that for the past 8 weeks I’ve been trying to train around a groin strain. This has it’s difficulties but also presents new opportunities. Bodyweight movements are not my strong point so this forced break on squat based movements has yeilded a few positive results. Pull ups are getting better, I’ve added weight to my overhead press and improved my core strength. But as the Open approaches and the injury still lingers it can get frustrating!

Whenever you have an injury, major or minor, remember you can make the most of your time in the gym to work on things you normally neglect or struggle with.

Friday’s Training:

16min AMRAP

5 Power clean @ 205

8 Toes to Bar

5 strict HSPU

8 Toes to bar

Score – 7 Rounds + 24 reps


Tabata Burpees – 8 per round


6min AMRAP

6 30lb ball slams

3 Burpees

Score – 14 rounds


This day’s training was focused on improving movement cycling in the first part (switching between multiple movements efficiently) and engine work on the latter part. It’s easy to lose a lot of time in a work out just by moving slowly between different movements. With 4 different movements in an AMRAP you can’t afford to rest too long in between as the time will slip away. Fast transitions can equate to a full round difference in score.


Saturday Training:

‘Amanda’ 9-7-5

Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch @ 135

Time – 5:23 (done with power snatch dues to injury)


Muscle up Density



Games ’11 Rope climb/clean and jerk

5 Rope climbs

5 C+J @145

4 Rope Climbs

4 C+J @ 165

3 Rope Climbs

3 C+J @ 185

2 Rope Climbs

2 C+J @ 205

1 Rope Climb

1 C+J @ 225

Time – 4:10


4 Rounds for time

15 Strict HSPU

75 Double Unders

Time – 9:46


3×20 Weighted ab mat situps


As always Saturday was a long day of training. I struggled to find my rhythm on the muscle ups in the first workout which is why I spent a little time on density work immediately following the workout. The rope climb/clean and jerk workout felt easy to me and definitely plays to my strengths. The final part of the session was designed for me to focus on things that will probably come up in the open and a chance to improve some basic skills. My kipping HSPU flow quite easily but strict are tough for me. Getting through 60 reps was re assuring that my training is working!


Check back later this week for more updates!