A: Punish your weakness

choose two 10:00 cycles from below

  • tempo weightlifting: x3 OTM10, 22×2 @ 70%  -OR-  x6 EOM10, 22×2 @ 60%
  • bodyweight density volume:  any couplet or triplet of push/pull/core/conditioning for OTM10
  • dynamic effort gymnastic skill: x3 OTM10  -OR-  x6 EOM10


B: Mobility

10:00 to improve yourself or add to your toolbox


C: MetCon

TEAM-of-4, AMRAP20

  • Each team will be given (1) rope station, (1) #45 plate, (1) #25 plate.
  • The team will be awarded (1) REP each time the measured distance of work is completed by one of its members for climb or lunge.
  • A round consists of  each team member completing (1) rope climb (scale to x3 rope lowers) + (1) 10m overhead plate lunge #45/25.

*all team members must complete the above before any team member can advance and begin next round. The order of athletes as well as order of movements is up to the discretion of each team, but again all team members must complete (1) rope climb + (1) 10m lunge w/ plate overhead before beginning the work for the following round.