The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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2-3 rounds with a partner:

-5 ttb or 2 rope lowers while partner hangs on bar in active position

-10m bear crawl (both)

Shoulder Press (5 x 3)

*Sets to be completed on a 2:00 clock

*First set is at 70% of 1RM

*Build weight across working sets

Dips (4 x 8)

-Ring Dips

-Matador Bar Dips

-Banded Matador Bar Dips

*Sets to be completed on a 2:00 clock

*Add weight as necessary to make 8 reps challenging but unbroken

Metcon (Distance)

Teams of 2 – 15 Rounds of 1:00 Work | :15 Transition

Rotate through stations with partner…

A. Rope Climb – 1 for 1

B. Sandbag Lunges (40/20) – 20m for 20m

C. Bear Crawl – 20m for 20m

D. Farmers Handles Carry (2x45s/2x25s) – 20m for 20m

F. Wall Sit – Both athletes hold for the minute


Handstand Walk in place of Bear Crawl

*Score is total distance covered during Lunges, Bear Crawl and Farmers Carry