The Foundry Union Station, The Foundry Printers Row – CrossFit

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8 minutes for overhead mobility:


– lax ball scap smash

– foam roll lats

– banded lat stretch

then 3 rounds of:

– 15 hollow rocks

– 15 supermans

– 12 banded pull aparts

– 9 pass throughs

– 6 scap pull ups

– 3 push ups


Max Rep Strict Pull Ups (Max Reps)

Strict Pullup MAX rep set

Take 2 attempts if needed

-Compare to score from 09/19

-Try to replicate testing from week one if you used a pull-up variation.

ex. If you used a green band for week 1, use a green band today.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


12 wallballs

6 burpees

3 toes to bar
– The goal should be to complete the wall balls unbroken.

– During toes to bar use your kip or a variation of TTB (ktc, kte, etc). DON’T SWING.