We are now 2 weeks into the competition and people are still putting in outstanding performances! The dedication shown by people only improved this week as strategies were discussed, techniques tested and ultimately big improvements made across the week by people who chose to repeat the workout.

Our team is currently sitting 58th in the north central region. Whilst we have a lot of work to do in order to break the top 30 and qualify for regionals, it is not an impossible task. 2 great workouts for us and we are right back in the mix going into the final week. It’s important that when your in the gym you not only give the workout everything you have but support others in an effort for us to qualify! You never know if it’s your performance that’s going to contribute to our team score!

Week  results:

Team Jon – 2,553

Team Noah – 2,496

Team JQ – 2,367

Team Brad – 2,311

Scores are total of top 10 scores per team.

This leaves the overall standings after 2 weeks at:

1. Team Jon (3)

2. Team JQ (4)

3. Team Noah (6)

4. Team Brad (7)

Below is the leaderboard for the gym: