Session 2, Week 1

A. Individual Run Workout

7.6 miles= Hard

Start: Foundry, South on CLARK to POLK, East on POLK to STATE, North on STATE to BALBO, East on Balbo to Lake Shore Running Path, North on LSRP runnning path until 3.8 miles, and run back to Foundry

New to Endurance= 2.7 miles Easy

Start at the gym: run to the “foundry 5k track” run under the Roosevelt bridge, around cotton tail park and to the other side. Follow that road to a dead end, reverse directions (this time go around the park twice) and run back the gym

B. Individual Obstacle/Run Workout: Chipper

For Time:
800m Run
50 Air Squats
200m Run
50 Shoulder Touch Push Up
600m Run
50 OH Lunge #25/15
200m Run
50 Pull Ups
400m Run
50 Mountain Climbers
200m Run

• Scale as Needed!
• Shoulder touch PU: At top of push up, touch shoulder with opposite hand, alternate for next rep
• Over head lunge with plate
• Mountain climbers: 1 rep= 1 knee up to arm pit

**This workout is for Endurance athletes only. The next time to join in will be in Session 3 starting April 28th