So maybe you just signed up for your first obstacle race or maybe the idea of signing up for a half-marathon as been lingering in your mind…look no further than The Foundry’s Spring Endurance Program to prepare you for that challenge!

Lots of fun to be had together in this season of Endurance!

Lots of fun to be had together in this season of Endurance!

In the next 12 weeks we will be training hard for obstacle events, endurance races, and overall endurance capacity. Here are a few FAQs about Spring Endurance:

Q: What is the program and who is it for?

Spring Endurance will be made up for 4- 3 week sessions leading up the RAGNAR race in June. Everyone participating in RAGNAR, any type of obstacle race, or those looking to improve their fitness are welcome to join our team! The Foundry coaches have developed a program for all levels of fitness that will get you in the best shape for your upcoming races.

Q: What is the commitment to the program?

The program involves 3 endurance workouts and at least 2 Crossfit workouts per week: 2 individual workouts and one team workout. A typical week may look like this:

CF WoDEndurance: Run WoDCF WoDEndurance: Obstacle WoDRESTEndurance:

Team WoD Run/Ob


You may add extra CrossFit workouts if you wish to double up on endurance days but you must wait 3 hours in-between sessions. Minimum to stay in the program is 2 CrossFit workouts and 3 Endurance workouts per week. Maximum 4 CrossFit classes per week is allowed.

Q: What will the endurance workouts entail?

The individual workouts will be done during the week. One will be a mid-distance run and the other will be an obstacle based wod. These workouts will be emailed to participants every Sunday night. These workouts can be done any day of the week but check the planned week above as a guide.

The team workout will be every Saturday at 9 AM at Foundry- Printer’s Row. We will work in teams in an obstacle/run combination workout.

Q: What if I can’t make Saturday’s workout and/or do not want to train for obstacle races?

You may repeat the run workout of the week on Saturday. We encourage all participants to join on Saturday, they are sure to be a lot of fun!

Q: I signed up for an obstacle race but I don’t want to run that much…

Running is involved in an obstacle race. Not only will running improve your aerobic conditioning, you may surprise yourself with the improvements you will make! Throughout all the endurance sessions, we will build up millage and make sure we are ready for it.

Q:What is an obstacle WoD?

We will be training for unknown obstacles and this involves some skills we don’t always see in traditional CrossFit. Here’s a list including but not limited to the skills we will work on in these obstacle wods:

Rope climbs, sled drags, atlas stones, yolk walks, sandbag carry, farmers carry, kegs, tires, rings, and ladders.

We will work the ropes in Spring Endurance!

We will work the ropes in Spring Endurance!

Q: Do I have to be signed up for a race to participate in Spring Endurance?

No you do not. We will be providing information about races in Chicago throughout the sessions. Those signed up for running races will be encouraged to also sign up for an obstacle race and vice versa. We will be training for both so why not push your comfort zone!?

Q: When does the program begin?

Session 1 begins the week of March 17th. Every 3 weeks when the next session begins, there will be opportunity to join or leave the team. If you commit the program you are expected to complete all the workouts; any missed workouts must be conveyed to Coach Rachel. All individual workouts will be tracked online to see progress and account for completion.

So what are you waiting for?! Join us on Sunday March 16th at 12 pm at Printer’s Row for an information meeting about Endurance and RAGNAR.

Even Coach Andrew runs to improve his fitness!

Even Coach Andrew runs to improve his fitness!

If you can’t make the meeting and/or want to sign up email Coach Rachel at Rachel@thefoundrychicago.com

Please join us for the meeting on Sunday March 16th and feel free to email Coach Rachel with any other questions.