The Foundry - Coach Jenni Handstand

We are excited to introduce a new class type, “Gymnastics” at 7:30pm on Mondays, starting next week!  This class replaces the regular 7:30pm WoD on Mondays.  The class is focused primarily on advancing gymnastics skills, but will also include assistance work to support strength development for these movements.  Gymnastics will be programmed and led by coach Jenni, former competitive gymnast and resident badass.  Come, learn, and get better.  Class schedule here.


Also, due to strong demand, the 5am WoD will now be offered every weekday starting Oct 1.


Did you know we also have specialty classes for Endurance training, Olympic Weightlifting, & Mobility?  Curious to know more about competition training or benchmark workouts?  Read our previous update on schedule enhancements.