MovNat - Erwan Le Corre

Our friends at MovNat are coming to Oak Brook for a 1-day workshop Sunday, April 29.  This is a seven hour course that covers the following:

  • The MovNat approach of natural movement.
  • Efficiency principles and perception drills.
  • Essential techniques and movement variations in walking, running, jumping, balancing, crawling, climbing,
  • lifting, carrying, throwing and catching.
  • Combo training and implementation of MovNat

Brad and I have both taken the course and thought it was excellent.  I learned a lot of practical skills for climbing, balancing, jumping, and navigating steep terrain.  In addition, MovNat coach Cliff is a great instructor.  Through our relationship with MovNat, members can sign up for the workshop at 50% off the regular rate.

If you’d like to take advantage, simply email me or ask me at the gym for the discount code.