leg swings (10L + 10R) + leg sweeps (10L + 10R) + hip opener (10L + 10R)

x2: 10 pull-up/ring row + 15 push-up + 20 air-squat + 25 jump’n’jack


B: Squat specific mobility

10:00 to prep ankles, hips, and T-spine


C: Back Squat to 1RM

20:00 to build to single repetition maximum


D: MetCon – DeathByOTM, Thruster Pyramid Edition

Barbell Thruster,#135/95…#95/65…#65/45…#45/35…Wall-ball, MB #20/14

 20:00 – start with 1 rep on minute 1 completing an additional rep for every minute following. Once you fail to complete scheduled workload rest the following minute while dropping barbell weight then pick up where you left off. If you fail through all scheduled weights for thruster rest following minute then pick up where you left off with max repetition wall-ball  every other minute.