The Foundry Union Station, The Foundry Printers Row – CrossFit

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2-3 rounds:

:20 sec hi plank

11 squat jumping jack

9 weighted arm circles (per side, use 2.5 or 5)

7 KB push press (light)

5 inchworms w/ scap push up

3 burpees

:20 second scorpion stretch.


75 Push-ups For Time – CAP 5 (Time)

Any reps not completed add as seconds to the 5 minute CAP.
*RX means legs and knees DO NOT touch the floor on the bottom of the push up. Only the chest makes full contact with the ground. So if you want RX make sure to lock your knees, tighten up your glutes and keep a tight core.


Deadlift (5×5 on a 3:00 clock)

Tempo is 3111 (3s negative)

You may build across the sets or stay at the same weight. Keep in mind that each rep takes 6 full seconds, the 3s negative is longer than you would expect.

Keep neutral spine throughout the movement.

On the way up engage your glutes to finish the movement.

During the negative hinge at the hip and keep the lats engaged.