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Question of the Day

If you had to give up a sense, what would it be and why?


2 rounds, 10 reps of each:

– air/wall squats

– pvc pass throughs

– OH squats

– snatch balance

– sots press

– duck walks

– band pull aparts (each level)

*add weight to OHS and Snatch Balance on second round (i.e. barbell)

Coach led barbell warmup


3 Pos. Snatch (6×1 Complex)

Snatch From Floor, Hang, and Power
2:30 clock

-Snatch from the floor, below the knee, above the knee

-Start at 50%, build across all sets. If you max out before 6 rounds, drop down 10-20 pounds and maintain

-This is an UNBROKEN complex, and all snatches should be full squat


Metcon (Time)

For Time, CAP 20

800m run

60 double unders

40 kb swings (US) 53/35

20 box jumps 24/20

400m run

30 double unders

20 kb swings

10 box jumps

*sub for double unders is 2x singles

**If you choose not to run because of the cold, the substitute is burpees (50 = 800m run, 30 = 400m run), and it will NOT count as Rx or RX+.