The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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3 rounds of

3 burpees

6 sit ups

9 kb swings russian

12 banded air squats

15 mountain climbers

Coach led mobility

Back Squat (8×3 Build to a 3RM )

20:00 to build

Start at 65-70%

If you hit a max before 8 sets, then drop to 85-90% of what you hit and maintain.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

OTM 15

5 goblet squats 53/35

7 burpees

9 kb swings (US) 53/35

Complete all work within the minute. If you fail to complete the work, rest the next minute, then complete the remainder of rounds with 3-5-7 rep scheme.

Score = rounds successfully completed with the RX rep scheme