Viper Press With The Keg!

Viper Press With The Keg!

Hello Foundry Community! Member Spotlight is back! We want to highlight the great people of our community so we will be regularly posting a member spotlight at least bi-weekly.

To restart Member Spotlight the coaching staff was unanimous to nominate Baldwin Baret! Baldwin has shown great commitment and much improvement over the past year. Everyone at the gym feeds off his infectious and positive energy. Keep reading to get a little more insight on this great athlete!


The Foundry: Why did you start doing crossfit and what drew you to the foundry?

Baldwin Baret: A good friend from the Philippines and I were on assignment in Chicago in October last year and he invited me to try out Crossfit. At that point I was trying to bring up my physical activity, but was barely running 2 miles in 30 minutes so it was good timing for me. I decided to join him because it was the first time I was able to see him in 3 years (shout out to Limu!).

So we went to the intro class, and did the baseline (500 row/40 air squats/30 sit-ups/20 push-ups/10 pull-ups). Limu finished at 6mins and I stopped at the round of 20 push-ups. I was sore for the next 4 days!

TF: What have been some of your biggest accomplishments in terms of training at our gym?

BB: So much – being able to pull myself up (still banded, but I went from black to green to blue; I may try red this week), an eight minute fast mile (chasing my breath, but better than before), and a 145 1RM clean/thruster.

So many things I never thought I could do a year ago- including finishing the baseline!

TF: What keeps you on a regular schedule for workouts and what keep you motivated?

BB: When I started, I was usually going three times a week. Justin encouraged me to go a little more often, so I did. And ever since then, I have been in every weekday.

I’m not sure what keeps me motivated, or even being able to stick through a WOD, probably the “just do it” cliche. Working out with others encourages me to do better, so I guess my curiosity that I may be able to go beyond my limits makes me at least try to “just do it”.

And of course, the people you do it with makes it much more fun.

TF: What is your favorite 80s song?

BB:…And we go to 80s music :). Seriously, I don’t have any preferences to any musical time or genre (though that says I’m too mainstream! I’m not hipster enough!)

But I’m here to answer the question.

I guess anything from REO Speedwagon or Journey. Or Heart’s “Alone”. Or Europe’s “Final Countdown.” Just don’t ask me to sing, don’t want to break my vocal chords :).

Thanks for the great article Baldwin! Be sure to congratulate him and continue to WoD hard!