After falling behind 26-7 to rival Dallas Carter High School in the state championships, “Coach Gaines” (Billy Bob Thorton) of Permian High School tells the guys what being perfect really means.

Well I want you to understand somethin’. To me, being perfect is not about that scoreboard out there. It’s not about winning. It’s about you and your relationship to yourself and your family and your friends.


Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didn’t let them down, because you told them the truth. And that truth is that you did everything that you could. There wasn’t one more thing that you could’ve done.


Can you live in that moment, as best you can, with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart?


If you can do that gentlemen, then you’re perfect.”


2018 Theme: “Being Perfect”


As adults, we have many responsibilities: go to work, take care of our families, attend to our children, support our friends, complete chores, pay bills, and if we’re lucky, have a little time for ourselves.

How often do you get to really feel your edge?  That part of you that is a little uncomfortable but represents your opportunity to grow?  When you push yourself to the limit, not because of some work or personal deadline, but because you want to see what you’re capable of.

Being perfect in The Open is not about how many reps you get.  It’s not about the workout time or whether you can do it Rx.  It’s about your relationship with yourself, your family, and your friends (at the Foundry and in your life).

It’s about knowing yourself, knowing you matter, and taking a stand.  It’s about being able to look your teammates in the eye, knowing you gave everything you could to be the best you are capable of and helping them do the same.  

It’s about what we can accomplish individually and together – for the Foundry community, for ourselves and in a greater sense for our families and those important to us outside the gym.

This is your opportunity to be perfect.

2018 Foundry Open CrossFit Games Open T-Shirt


The excitement starts next week!


What Is The Open?

The Foundry Open is a five-week event series that runs concurrent to the CrossFit Open.  Three teams will compete against one another for team points to be crowned Foundry Open Champions and win the Foundry Cup!

By now you have all heard from you captains (if you didn’t contact us)

The Open is a fun and memorable experience for all members, regardless of ability.  The points system is based upon completing the workouts, team spirit, new PR’s, judging, and community building activities.

You do not need to be present for all events and activities to participate, and can still help your team succeed through partial involvement.

What’s Involved

The Foundry Open will take place between Friday February 23rd and Friday March 23rd.

Each week, CF HQ will announce a previously unknown workout via a live broadcast on Thursday night.  

We will perform the workout during a special “Friday Night Lights” event from 5-8pm.  Coaches will handle the event logistics and participants will sign up for workout heats in advance.  The workout will also be available during the morning and noon class times.

Why should I participate?

Members tell us it’s the most fun they have at the gym all year.  It’s five weeks of awesome Friday workouts and post-partys with your favorite Foundry peeps.  We have seen many people do things they thought were impossible, set new PRs, make new friends, dress up like a T-Rex and more.

“it’s just like Christmas Part 2…cept a lot more sweaty.” – co-captain Matt Baran


Team Captains

Team “Hot Bod WoD Squad”

Kelli Christian & Matt Baran

Team “Arms and Hammered”

Jim Mallers & Jen Pino

Team “Sour Snatch Kids”

Jenna Phelps & Jim Yuratovac

2018 Foundry Open Captains

Team Format

On Feb 3rd, all members were drafted onto one of the three teams:

Jenna &Jim Y.Jim M. &Jen P.Kelli C. &Matty B.


Registration includes a Foundry Open Shirt, Post Open Party, Team and individual prizes.

  • Early-Bird Registration is $40 through 2/17 and $50 after.*
  • Registration will close after 2/28 (the end of the first week).  


CrossFit Games Site

Scoring System

How to earn points toward victory!

ActivityScoring MethodPoints
For each team member to complete the open workoutFor each score sheet completed and submitted to the coaching staff
  • 1pt per athlete
  • +1pt bonus if it’s completed at FNL)
Judging**For each score sheet completed and submitted to the coaching staff
  • 1pt per heat judged
Team Picture during Friday Night LightsPost a photo and tag @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen2018
  • 2pt per athlete in photo
  • 1pt for a photo submitted offsite
New PRObtain one of the following:

  • A new lifting PR in a workout (as recorded by Wodify)
  • Perform a movement Rx for the first time.
  • PR a workout that is repeated.  
  • *Must be validated by a coach.
  • 3pt (limit 1 per athlete, per week)
Team Bonding (1 per week)More than 5 people on your team together outside the gym.  Tag @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen2018

*Can not be in our building or within 400m of the gym

  • 2pts per person in photo (minimum 5 people)
Team Practice (1 per week)5 or more people In the gym for a team practice. Tag a picture with @thefoundrychi (IG or check-in to FB) and hashtag #foundryopen2018
  • 1pt per athlete in photo
Team Spirit (Weekly)Voted on by coaches (cannot vote for own team)

Examples of how to score highly:

  • Team unity
  • Support for all athletes
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Spirit / Fun
Per Week

  • 1st place: 21pts
  • 2nd place: 15pts
  • 3rd place: 9 pts
Best Team Name*Judged by coaches
  • 5 pts


* No repeat names

** As an alternative, being the designated event photographer (with a digital camera – not a phone) and sharing the photos with the gym is worth up to 3 points (1 per heat captured, cannot be combined with judging points).  Must apply in advance for a specific week.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Foundry Open the same as the CrossFit Open?

They are related but have some important differences.  The Crossfit Open is an individual online competition run by CrossFit HQ with scoring based on results/performance in the open workouts. Register at games.crossfit.com  

The Foundry open is our own internal team competition with scoring based on team spirit, individual PRs, support/camaraderie, and having fun. Register on our website

Why Should I Participate?

Members tell us it’s the most fun they have at the gym all year.  It’s five weeks of awesome Friday workouts and post-partys with your favorite Foundry peeps.  We have seen many people do things they thought were impossible, set new PRs, make new friends, dress up like a T-Rex and more.

From Matt Baran “it’s just like Christmas Part 2…cept a lot more sweaty.”

I’m not good enough to do the Open – Don’t I need to be good to participate?

The Foundry Open is appropriate for all levels, including beginners.  Scoring is based on teamwork rather than individual workout performances.

Do I need to register to be on my team?

The draft will determine who is eligible for each team, but in order to become an active member, receive a shirt, and count towards the team points total you need to register for The Foundry Open.

I wish I was on a different team, can I trade?

One of the objectives of The Foundry Open is to build relationships with new people at the gym.  That is why most of the draft is being done randomly.  With that said, if two members want to trade with one another and both agree (or a three-person rotation), that will be allowed.  Captains cannot initiate/request trades.

Can non-members participate?

Absolutely, we would love to have them.  Any non-members who register will be on whichever team recruited them.

Does Entry into the CF Open get me into the Foundry Open?  Does Entry into the Foundry Open get me into the CF Open?

They are separate competitions with separate registrations.

Foundry Open: http://bit.ly/2FAYvl5

CF Games: games.crossfit.com

Affiliate: Union Station CrossFit

Team: The Foundry

I’m going to be out of town 1 or 2 weekends, should I still participate?

Absolutely!  You can still contribute to your team success without being at every event.  We have even included ways to score points remotely this year.  Besides, even if you could only make one week it’s still a ton of fun.

Why is there a fee for the Foundry Open / Where does the money go?

Over the years, we saw that while some people enjoy the online scoring, others just wanted to experience the feeling of the Open, without having to compete online.  We created the Foundry Open to encourage teamwork and camaraderie that really brings our community together, while also appealing to a larger segment of the membership.  The registration fee helps offset the costs associated with producing a five week event series, materials, special equipment and labor.  Registration includes a T-Shirt, five weeks of events, prizes, a post-party, and some surprises.  

If I don’t register can I still come to FNL?

You may participate, but will not receive the shirt, be on a team or count towards the team scoring.  It would be like running a 5k that you didn’t register for.