Greetings everyone,

The first Whole30 of the year was a big success. The goal of the Whole30 challenge is to learn more about how food affects your body. Often times people view a diet as a way to lose weight quick and easy; however this is not the case with our nutrition program. Our goal is to educate participants and enable them to succeed with their nutrition in the future.

With this challenge we had some awesome results. Our runners up were Jen Rosa and Gabe Sandler. Both had great results aesthetically, improved CrossFit performance, and learned even greater lessons. Jen noticed a profound impact on how she prepared and cooked her own food. Gabe  saw vast improvements in strength and conditioning at the gym.

The winner for this challenge was Jason Pompeii! He had some incredible results. He lost 8 pounds, lost 7 percent body fat and gained 11 pounds in muscle. Physically this transformed his body;  however, the transformation wasn’t just on the outside. Jason realized how disciplined he could be in social settings and his own mental strength. Here is what took away from the Whole30 challenge:

“I’d say the most unexpected result of my experience on the Whole 30 is how much more reflective I’ve been. In needing to be thoughtful about food and meal decisions, I’ve also become more reflective about the impact my habits have on everything from the quality of my sleep to the pace of my career development. I’m more cognizant than ever of how related everything is to something as seemingly simple as what I put in my body.” –Jason

Jason’s Before and After pictures

Congratulations Jason and to the runners up, Jen and Gabe! Your hard work paid off in more ways than one! We are all proud of you on you accomplishments.

Be sure to look out for our next nutrition challenge coming soon this year! For more information on Whole30 check out our article highlighting the program and talk to a coach!