CrossFit Endurance @ The Foundry

Improve your endurance this summer

Want to improve your endurance? Training for the marathon/half marathon/triathalon? Are you looking to take your fitness to new heights? Then look no further than The Foundry’s new Endurance Program!

Starting June 23rd, we will kick off our 16-week endurance training program which continues up till the Chicago marathon (October 13th). The program will comprehensively prepare you for the marathon or any other long distance event, but may also be taken in four week increments for the more casual enthusiast.

What does the training entail?

CrossFit Endurance sessions will be held at three set times per week. Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Sunday and Thursday will be 1 hour long and Tuesday will vary, but may last more than an hour when completing longer distances.

Along with these three endurance days, you will complete four Crossfit WoDs per week. An example week looks like this but it is subject to your individual availability:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 6.46.31 PM

Tuesday evenings will be used for longer tempo runs (ex: 5K, 10 mile…) We will meet at the gym and warm up on our way to Grant Park where different courses will be mapped out.

Thursday evenings will entail long interval runs (ex: 800mX4, 1mi x 3)

On Sunday afternoons we will complete short interval runs (ex: 800m, 400m, 200m)

What level of commitment is required for the endurance program?

To get the most out of this program, all three endurance classes and four WoDs are recommended. A bare minimum to remain in the program is at least 2 endurance classes (missing either Sunday or Thursday) and 3 WoDs in one week.

There will be a sign-up that will be necessary to enroll in the program. Athletes may decide to sign up for all 16 weeks or sign up for individual 4-week sessions.

Do I have to be training for a specific race or be at a certain fitness level?

The answer is no, you do not have to have a specific race as a goal or have a certain mile time. If you want to improve your aerobic capacity, your fitness, and push yourself, this program is right for you. We will prepare you for longer runs and there is a lot of individuality to this program based on the level you are at so do not be intimidated! Whatever your current level, your running speed will improve significantly during the program.

How will this program help me be a better runner? Why don’t I just run 20 miles each week?

The short story is that running only long distances is not proven to better prepare you for a marathon or improve your endurance. Interval training, combined with improving running skill has been demonstrated to match or exceed the results obtained through running only long distances, with less stress on the body.

We will perform running drills to improve your efficiency and educate you on the philosophy behind this method as the season progresses.

Still not convinced? Check out some links at the bottom!

So other than becoming a better runner what’s in it for me?

• This is a free opportunity to all Foundry members to greatly improve your running and endurance capabilities
• We will track your progress over the program. Everyone’s scores will be accessible on a shared Google Doc along with personal records!
• Program is scalable to different fitness levels
• Information about shoes, nutrition, recovery, and supplements
• Drills and technique to improve skill
• Motivation and encouragement

What are the requirements to begin the program?

• Sign-up for the full 16-week session or a 4-week block (more info to come about how to join after the start)
• Stopwatch to relay your times so we can track them
• Running rain gear
• Open mind, strong work ethic, and good attitude

Where can I see the workouts?

Every week we will post the workouts for the week on the Google Doc.

Can I join in for a run if I feel like it one day without being in the program?

People who are not in the program may join for the Tuesday night tempo run, but the Thursday/Sunday sessions are only available to those who sign up in advance.

Do I have to take a rest day?

You should take a minimum of one full rest day per week. When completing both a regular WoD and an endurance WoD in the same day, make sure to take at least three hours rest in between.

Will we only be running?

The program focuses on running and running mechanics. If it rains, we may transfer inside to the rowing machines (but also be prepared to run in the rain.) Crossfit Endurance can be applied to biking, rowing, and swimming so multi-sport endurance athletes are encouraged to ask how to apply this to swimming, cycling, or rowing.

If I can’t make an Endurance class one week can I do the run on my own?

Yes, but you will be expected to enter your results into the shared Google doc. Of course, the best results will come through doing drills and workouts with the Foundry community and coaches. Check out the app that tracks your distances using a smart phone.

Who is coaching this program?

Coach Brad and Coach Rachel will be programming the workouts. Coach Rachel will be leading the Endurance classes.

How do I sign up?

A sign-up sheet will be available next to the whiteboard.

More questions? Please contact Rachel at rachel@thefoundrychicago.com or come in and talk to any of the coaches at the gym.

Some links for more information: