Skill Work:


Movement Prep & Recovery

  • body tools
  • focus areas

Pose Running

  • drills (hop, lean, pull, core stability)
  • cadence
  • breathing

Erg Rowing

  • drills (PIC, sprint start, tempo pulls, power pulls)
  • power development
  • pacing strategies

Rope skipping

  • drills (20:40)
  • practice methods

Burpee Variation

  • sprawl vs. spring
  • parts of the whole (Tabata breakdown)
  • repetition cycling



This is a take on our very first team WoD way back when. It is built on the concept of  TEAM (one for all – all for one). Team training at The Foundry always utilizes aspects of competitive sports team training but that is not always enough. In addition to fitness and skill all teams need strategy and execution to rise to the top of the leader board.


  • A:  2 person 40 yd sled push @ #321.lb (combined average weight of male and female competitive CrossFit athlete)

*all Teammates will first complete sled work before moving on to part B

  • B: 50 sandbag laps of the training floor for each team member @ #40/20.  A rotation will be set at conditioning rope stations with the goal of keeping a single rope in motion for the duration of the workout (only 2 ropes will be used so communication is key to keep everyone moving).

*early finishers will assist team by earning time credits (:01/rep) of the following AMRAP rotation –
shoulder to shoulder sandbag  thrusters > atomic sit-ups from hollow > sandbag good mornings > dive bomber push-ups

  • C: 2 person 40 yd sled push @ #321.lb

*every Teammate must complete sled work before time can be called