Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…We will still be running!

5K RUN (thats right, 3.1 miles) – meet at the gym

Run is as follows:

  • START: Dearborn Station South on Plymouth Ct. to Cotton Tail Park, around park
  • North on Federal St. to South Loop Elementary, cul de sac turn around
  • South on Federal St. to Cotton Tail Park, around park
  • North on Plymouth Ct. to Dearborn Station, around station
  • South on Park Ter. to Roosevelt Park, around tennis courts
  • North on Park Ter. to Dearborn Station :FINISH

*if you can’t run or refuse to run you will be given the choice to Row 5K or to make up any MetCon you may have missed this week


Density Training:

Intensity Intervals

4 Rounds

:30 MedBall seated twist

:30 Arm Haulers

REST :30

:30 MedBall flutter kicks

:30 8-count body builders

REST :30