The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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2 minutes of double under practice

3 rounds: start at empty bar, don’t exceed 95#

– 10 scapular pullups

– 5 snatch high pulls (from the hip)

– 5 front squats

– 5 push press

– 5 back squats

– 10 glute bridges

Power Snatch (5×6 Touch N’ Go )

2:00 clock per set.

Build to a max UNBROKEN set.

You may not reset at the floor, HOOK GRIP is your friend.

If you need to rest between reps, it happens overhead or at the hip.

Focus on power, speed, and pulling under the bar rather than muscle snatching/pressing.

CrossFit Games Open 13.3 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12-minute AMRAP of:
150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#
90 Double-Unders
30 Muscle-ups
Scale for double unders is DOUBLE SINGLES.

***If you are even remotely close to a muscle up, NOW is the time to go for it!***

Scale for MU is chest to bar pullups (scale to get chest to bar).