Foundry Barbell Club is excited to host an olympic lifting meet this Saturday October 8, from 9am – 12pm.  This is a non-sanctioned meet with three weight classes for men and women.  There will be judging, prizes, food and fun!  The event is open to members as well as guests.  Registration includes a cool Foundry Barbell Club Shirt and Spots are limited.


Members: $30

Non-Members: $40

Location: The Foundry Union Station

125 S. Jefferson St.


Foundry Barbell Club Meet

Schedule of Events:

9am – 9:20am: Athlete Check-in

9:20am – Briefing and Rules

9:30am – 10am: Warmup

10am – 12pm: Competition Begins

12pm (or when all lifts are completed): Awards Ceremony


Event Overview

Competition Area

  • The main floor will be set up with 2 lifting platforms (8×8 square drawn on the ground).  The flooring is rubber.
  • Each platform will have a whiteboard listing the athlete order and for judges to record the result


  • The front training floor will be set up as the warm up area with 4 barbells.  Athletes will select their opening weight on the board.

Snack Bar

  • A snack bar will be setup upstairs with items for sale, such as coffee, water, orange juice, protein shakes, kill cliff, bananas, bagels, donuts, think jerky, and beer.

Timeline Detail

9:00am – 9:20am: Athlete check-in, greeting, and socializing.

  • A coach will be stationed at the front desk to facilitate check in, weigh in athletes, and hand out shirts:
    1. Divisions
      1. “Murph”
        1. Men < 165lb
        2. Women < 135lb
      2. “Fran”
        1. Men 165-195
        2. Women 135-155
      3. “Cindy”
        1. Men > 195
        2. Women > 155

9:20am – 9:30am Athlete Briefing and Rules

  • We will go over movements:
    • Examples of good and bad lifts
    • How to bail safely
    • For a more complete list of technical standards, review pages 14-16 of the IWF guidelines
  • Suggested Warmup and mobility
  • Rules and etiquette

9:30am – 10:00am Warmup

  • Athletes warm up and sign up on the whiteboard indicating their “opening weight, 2nd weight, and final weights” for both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk
  • Sign up should be completed by 9:45am (at least for snatch) so that the coaches can determine the lifting order (keep in mind that weight will ONLY be added to the bar, meaning an athlete might follow him/herself in the sequence)
    • Note that lifting order and platform may change for the Clean & Jerk portion of the meet
  • A coach will be available in the the warm-up area to provide queues and recommendations

10:00am Competition Begins

  • Platform 1, Lifter 1 will lift first. The athlete has 60s to begin the lift. Once the bar leaves the ground, the clock stops and there is no time limit to complete the lift. However, the bar must continue on an upward path once it leaves the ground. For example, the athlete may not deadlift then hang snatch or hang clean the bar.
  • Once the Platform 1 lifter has completed the lift, the judge/judges will determine via hand signal if it was a good lift or not. If it is good, the weight for that athlete will be recorded. If it is not a good lift, the weight will remain at zero.
  • Platform 2, Lifter 1 will lift next…
  • After all first lifters complete their first lift, weights will be added to the bars if necessary for the next lifters. We will continue in the same pattern until all lifters have lifted their 3rd and final bar.
  • There will be a 15 minute break between the Snatch and Clean & Jerk sections to reset bars, allow athletes to adjust any weight sign ups, and re-sequence the lifting order.

12:00pm (or when all lifting is done): Awards Ceremony & Social Hour

  • Awards will be given to the top total in each division, as well as to anyone who achieves a new PR

We look forward to having you!

Event Registration