You already have enough news coming at you. Our blog provides proven, positive actions you can take to reduce your risk of COVID-19 and stay healthy and positive during the quarantine.

Exercise Boosts Immunity

As we hunker down at home, it’s easy to feel a little depressed. I live alone, and I’m already feeling the loss of human contact after only a few days. But the removal of extracurricular activities also provides an opportunity to take inventory of our lives and re-evaluate our priorities.

Most people understand that exercise is important to our health, but as we adapt to our new reality for the coming weeks, exercise has never been more crucial than is right now.*

*If you are currently sick you should rest until you recover.

Study’s have shown that people who exercise regularly are up to 50% less likely to contract viruses, experience less severe symptoms when they do, and recover faster. Plus, it’s one of the best ways to promote your mental health (both during a “Stay at home” mandate, as well as when life returns to normal).*

Although we really enjoy using our fancy gym and equipment, we can still create a great workout using your body weight, and common items that most people have. This week, we’re stepping up our game with 15 online classes:

Class Descriptions

“At-Home WoD” – 7am and 5:30pm M-F:

30 min Full body workout using body weight and resistance with a weighted backpack.

“Core-Ntine” – M/W/F at noon:

30min of core and abs focused work

“Stretch/Mediation” – T/Th at noon

15 min of stretching followed by 15 min guided meditation.

Hope you enjoy!