IFThe competitive training cycle is starting in a couple of weeks and the time has come for anyone interested in being competitive in CrossFit to meet up and discuss training.

This Sunday (23rd) we will be meeting at 11am (after yoga) to rundown on what you can expect, what will be expected of you and have any and all questions answered. There will be no training element to this meeting however you will be expected to provide details on your current abilities (think max lifts, gymnastics etc) so please bring any training diaries you have etc.

This program will be open to anyone who wants to take part in competitions or just wants to get to the next level with their performance. Be warned, however, the training will be tough, a lot will be expected of you and you can’t expect to do things you always enjoy. The training will be starting with a 12 week strength cycle. That means no metcons. No endurance. No conditioning. Want to get shredded for the summer? This probably won’t work for you. Willing to sacrifice some definition in the pursuit of being stronger and getting better at CrossFit? Get involved. Nobody will be turned away if they are committed to training and willing to put the effort in!


If you have any questions about whether this program is right for you and if you want to be included then speak to me during the week. All of you who are on board please come to the gym on Sunday, 11am, with pen and paper.


See you then!