At The Foundry, we often help members break down long-term fitness goals into manageable chunks that can be accomplished in 90 days.  Creating milestones helps you achieve your big picture goals because the success of achieving each piece motivates you to keep going.

Since we are always living life through a view of the future, having things to look forward to or work towards is important to our happiness and sense of purpose.

So what happens when a lousy virus cancels all your plans, disrupts your training, and robs you of anything to look forward to?

With no ability to make long-term plans, and no activities (outside the home) to look forward to, you may be feeling down.  If that’s the case, you’re not alone. We pride ourselves on being really positive people and we feel it too. 

To combat this, recently we have been using micro-goals to help maintain a healthy mindset.  Micro goals are simply shorter term goals that we can reasonably set and attain.


At the beginning of the week, each of us makes several commitments that we write down and share with the team.  Many of our commitments are relatively simple self-care practices such as exercise and good nutrition – things that we are normally good at but that have become harder in quarantine.  By following this process, we create accountability to each other that significantly increases our rate of success.

Here are a few examples:


  • Go for two outdoor runs
  • Write goals email to members by EoD Tuesday (this email!)


  • Some form of workout each day
  • Run 5 miles by Wednesday


  • Core-N-tine workout 3x
  • No phone usage when I’m spending time with my partner.


  • Two mobility sessions/day to rehab shoulder

By setting and achieving goals for the week, we can take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy mindset.  Ensuring we get proper exercise, rest, and nutrition helps support proper brain function and positivity.  In turn, we are better prepared to navigate this challenging situation.

What are 1-2 goals you have for this week?

To help ensure you reach them, comment below or tag @thefoundrychi on social media.