Healthy Habits Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

A habit based wellness program to help you achieve your body composition and performance goals

Healthy habits is a 90-day nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help you lose body fat, gain muscle, and perform your best at the gym and in life.

Whether you train 3-5 times per week and still wish to be leaner, or are having a hard time reaching your next strength and performance goal, the Healthy Habits Program will give you the tools and support necessary to achieve success in an approachable, sustainable way.

Check Out What Past Participants Have to Say

“I decided to join the Healthy Habits program because I thought I knew how to have a healthy diet and lose weight but wasn’t having the success I wanted on my own.  I knew a group setting would help motivate me.  

Healthy Habits really surprised me.  Most of the habits are things I’ve continued to do after the program and plan to continue indefinitely.  During the program I lost weight, toned up and could feel myself getting better at a lot of movements at the gym.  

As the weight slowly came off I could tell it was easier to do things like burpees, box jumps, push ups and other body weight movements.  Increasing and being aware of my protein intake left me with more energy for evening workouts.  

Before the program I never really bought into the idea that carbs and processed foods made you tired and sluggish.  One day mid healthy habits I had a sandwich from Jimmy Johns from Lunch and could barely keep my eyes open that afternoon.  It was a good lesson that what I eat directly impacts my performance at work and the gym.”

Jen Rice, Foundry Printer’s Row Athlete

Those of you who have been a Foundry member or CrossFitter for a while have likely been introduced to the Paleo or Zone diet and possibly participated in a nutrition challenge in the past.  While these challenges serve as a great template for learning how your food choices affect you, it can be difficult to maintain consistency once the challenge is complete.

Healthy Habits is a 12-week program that introduces nutrition and lifestyle changes in an incremental way resulting in the ability to lose body fat, build muscle, and, most importantly, learn how to maintain these results moving forward. The program includes bi-weekly habits, nutrition education, strategies for implementation, advanced body composition analysis, a weekly scorecard and friendly competition. Heading up the program is Coach Matt Brown: CF-L1 Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Precision Nutrition Level I Coach, 5-year CrossFit Athlete and Foundry Coach.

Nutrition is the cornerstone for optimal mental and physical performance.  The Healthy Habits program offers you the choice between fat loss or lean mass gain and will help you achieve your body composition and performance goals more quickly and effectively than with exercise alone.  You will develop tools and knowledge to achieve your goals during the program and maintain your results well into the future.

  • Free Nutrition Overview Monday, January 11th, 5:30pm at Union Station (125 S. Jefferson) & Wednesday, January 13th, 5:30pm at Printers Row (730 S. Clark)
  • Weekly dedicated office hours with Coach Matt to address individual concerns, objectives, and stay on track (office hours held every other Monday/Wednesday from 5:30-7:30pm).
  • 1-2 habits introduced at a time to accommodate the busy lifestyle of a Chicago professional
  • Rx and Rx+ Options
  • Before and after photos and benchmark workout to track progress
  • Dexascan body analysis at over 50% off ($60/scan, regularly $150)
  • Healthy meal options available for delivery through our food partner Kitchfix
  • Choose between fat loss or lean mass gain objective
  • Bi-weekly virtual meetings and webinars that you can attend from anywhere
  • Teams of 2-4 for accountability and support
  • Weekly scorecard ensures you stay on course to reach your goals and holds you and your team accountable
  • Available to non-members – family and friends encouraged to join with you
  • Starts January 11 th, 2016
  • Cost: $300/person for teams of 2-4, or $450 for individuals

How To Register

To ensure quality, only a limited number of spots are available.  Registration closes 1/16/2016.

Register for Healthy Habits

**Select 1/11/2016 as the start date when registering.

**Note: For those signing up as a team you must indicate your partner/teammates in the sign-up form.

For additional questions email matt@thefoundrychicago.com

Coach Matt Brown is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where he studied over 100 dietary theories, and maintains a Precision Nutrition Certification.  He aslo practices private health coaching for individuals at home and in the workplace.  Matt has been CrossFitting since 2010 and has been a CrossFit Level 1 Coach since 2011.  He has been a Foundry coach since 2015