Chicago Marathon Program 2017

The Foundry Chicago Marathon Training Program 2017

The Foundry Marathon Program is a quality training approach designed to prepare the novice, intermediate, or advanced endurance athlete for the Chicago Marathon (10/8/2017)

  • The program will provide athletes with the knowledge, skills and training methods necessary to maximize their aerobic capacity for long distance running while simultaneously improving power output to finish the race strong.
  • The methods used are designed to help athletes thrive on race day, not simply survive it
  • Methods used are a highly structured variation of interval, tempo/threshold, fartlek, long-slow distance, recovery, and strength

Program Details

  • Goal Race – Chicago Marathon (Sunday, October 8th, 2017)
    • 12 Week Program
    • July 17th – October 8th
  • Training Session Frequency – 4 days per week (Mon, Tues, Thur, Sat)
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays are coached interval and tempo training sessions (at a local training site) @ 6-7:30am
  • Monday and Saturday running workouts are not coached and are to be completed by athletes on their own time
  • Mondays and Wednesdays also have strength training sessions programmed, which are to be completed by athletes on their own time
    • Instructional videos will be provided for all strength training exercises

Registration Information

  • Registration is limited to 15 participants
  • Foundry Members
    • Regular Price $300 or $110/m for 3 months.
    • Early Bird: $250
  • Non-Members
    • Regular Price $350 or $129/m for 3 months
    • Early Bird: $300

** The First 8 people to register will be eligible for Early Bird pricing!!!

*** Use code “Early Bird” to receive a discount.  The code will expire after 8 uses.

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What to Expect

Access to a comprehensive marathon training program utilizing Training Peaks endurance athlete software for logging, tracking, and analyzing training data

  • 2 coached training sessions per week
    • All training sessions include warm-up, skill-work, and cool-down components
  • 1-hour Mobility/Injury Prevention Clinic designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to create and maintain a mobility routine throughout training
  • 1-hour Nutrition Clinic designed to provide you with basic knowledge in regards to fueling during training and Race Day
  • 1-hour Running Analysis Clinic designed to expose you to an alternative method of running which utilizes the basic principles of biomechanics for the purpose of developing a more efficient and injury-free runner
  • Foundry Chicago Marathon Squad T-Shirt
  • Increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, speed, pacing competency, and running economy
  • Increased muscular strength and power output
  • More favorable body weight and composition in support of optimal race performance
  • Being part of a social support network of endurance athletes all striving to be a better version of themselves

How to Prepare

  • The program is designed with the assumption that athletes have been running 3-5 miles consistently, 2-3 days per week, with a weekly mileage of 6-15 miles for the past 1-2 months
    • These numbers are a recommendation to ensure that the athlete has some level of aerobic capacity before beginning the program
  • It is strongly recommended that athletes utilize a heart rate monitor, as all training sessions are based off established lactate threshold heart rate

Meet your coach

Coach Adrian Bilyk has been an endurance athlete since 2007, when he first discovered long-distance running while training for the U.S. Navy. His endurance event accomplishments include finishing the Chicago Marathon in 2008 and 2009 with a personal best time of 3:33:20 as well as completion of several other races of 13.1 miles and greater. Adrian is also an accomplished triathlete, having completed several Sprint and Olympic distances, a Half-Ironman (Superfrog 2011), and an IRONMAN (Louisville 2016). His professional certifications include the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Romanov Academy of Sports Science’s Running Technique Specialist (RTS), and CrossFit Endurance Trainer

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