Training Programs

If you are looking for a fitness program that is fun, effective, and can provide you with a lifetime of results, The Foundry is the place for you.  Explore what we have to offer, when you are ready, click to get started!


CrossFit is a fitness program designed around the things you do in the real world. Every day, we ask our bodies to move in countless different ways. We bend down and pick things up, we put things over our heads, squat down, stand up, and run after the bus or chase down a cab. CrossFit utilizes movements from weightlifting, gymnastics, and sports conditioning that improve these real-life activities and performs them in endless varieties and at high intensities. In turn, your body is always adapting, getting stronger, faster, better conditioned over a period of months and years.

CrossFit develops both fitness as well as skill which takes time and practice to master.  It was designed to develop both physiological as well as neuromuscular abilities, which means it can improve anything from playing with your kids to performing sports at an elite level.

Classes are structured over one hour and include a warmup, skill and/or strength segment as well as a conditioning workout.  A Foundry coach leads you through all components of the workout and provides instruction on proper technique and motivation.

CrossFit Classes (schedule):

  • CrossFit: All Levels
  • Team CrossFit
  • Benchmark Club
  • Endurance

Endurance Program

CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance and potential in endurance sports.  CFE is based on a foundation of and performed in addition to regular CrossFit workouts. Our endurance program takes a unique approach that develops power and speed in addition to cardiovascular endurance. Participants are taught to develop technique and intensity in ways that are not covered in traditional distance programs.  In just a few short months, you can become prepared to compete effectively in long distance events such as marathons, triathlons, or obstacle course races.

The Foundry Endurance is comprised of three rotating 16-week programs that comprehensively prepare you for the Chicago Marathon, Chicago Indoor Rowing Championship, or the Madison to Chicago RAGNAR Relay. The program covers running and rowing technique and additionally provides optional workouts to increase capacity for cycling and swimming.

Specialty Classes

Specialty classes focus on specific modalities for a full hour.  To facilitate faster development of balance, flexibility, and core strength, we offer Yoga and Mobility to address these key adaptations.  In addition, a rotating selection of specialty classes are offered throughout the year.

Specialty Classes (schedule):

  • Yoga for Athletes
  • Mobility
  • Barbell Club

Nutrition & Lifestyle

At The Foundry, our goal is to help you reach optimal and holistic wellness. We believe the key to a healthy lifestyle begins with proper nutrition. In order to tackle each activity and every single day with energy and strength, you must provide your body with the proper fuel for success. Why nutrition?

Nutrition Seminars: Several times per year, we host a nutrition seminar that serves as an introduction to our eating philosophy.  The presentation will cover the basics of what, why, and – most importantly – how to execute the plan.  Participants will have the opportunity to set goals and setup additional private consultations, if desired.

Journaling & Private Consultation: In Foundations, we introduce the idea of food journaling.  Those wanting additional help or with unique needs may schedule additional private consultations with our nutrition coaches.  This service provides one-on-one support and can be used to tailor the nutrition program to individual needs for long term success.

Challenges: Periodically throughout the year, The Foundry hosts nutrition challenges that serve as an effective mechanism for incorporating our eating strategy into day-to-day life.  The challenges are a fun way to make significant dietary changes and allow for friendly competition with your friends.

Personal Training

Personal Training is tailored to your needs and fitness level and provides a good supplement for new or advanced athletes.  Many of our clients utilize personal training / private coaching to:

  • Overcome pre-existing injuries.
  • Improve specific skills.
  • Improve strength and conditioning prior to joining group classes.