Introductory CrossFit Class

The best way to determine if The Foundry is for you is to experience it yourself! We’d love spend some time with you in a small group setting to help determine if The Foundry is the right fitness home for you. During our time together we will cover the following:

  1. About You: Who you are and what you’re looking for
  2. About Us: The Foundry Mission and Coaching Philosophy
  3. About CrossFit: Training methodology, class structure, and how to choose the right CrossFit gym
  4. Skill Work and Workout: Learn a few key skills and perform a short workout (you will have a blast!)
  5. Huddle: Huddle up, debrief on how awesome the workout was, and answer any questions you have

“But, I’m not ready to start CrossFit!”

You may be saying, “I need to get in shape to start CrossFit”. That’s not the case! We’re actually here to get you started on your fitness journey, regardless of where you’re starting from. Trust us, our community is truly welcoming to every individual that’s ready to be a part of our group training environment.

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* Intro Classes may be taken at either location, regardless of where you plan to train