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Heart Rate Variability, Health, and Athletic Performance

There are many metrics we can keep track of these days to help guide us toward better health and fitness. We can use metrics from fitness trackers such as the Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Whoop, Morpheus, etc. The list of products and the data they give you go on and...

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Should you be taking BCAAs?

You might have been told you should be taking Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) to help your performance and recovery, or to help you lose fat or gain strength. But why? Are BCAA’s just another fickle fad that’s going to lose steam quickly? Or is there some truth to...

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Perfection vs. Mastery: which are you striving for?

Are you living your life constantly in the pursuit of perfection? How fulfilling has that been for you? It’s a small change in your mindset, but have you considered how living your life in the pursuit of mastery instead of perfection could bring more happiness, joy, and fulfillment to your life?

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Still rocking Kraft PB in your Pantry?

Peanut butter is a healthy fat, you have been told. An appropriate snack for children, you have been told. Not. So. Fast. Especially if we’re talking about the mass-produced Kraft, Skippy, Squirrel  -type brands. These bad boys are seriously processed, contain...

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The Swiss Water Process: an alternative for coffee drinkers

There are some things in life I’m willing to say “no” to quite frequently, for the purpose of having a better quality of life. Things like highly-processed foods, alcohol, and sugary beverages are atop the list. However, coffee has been one of those things that I just...

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Make your drinks sugar-free this summer

Booze is always an interesting topic… While we can all agree that excessive drinking is bad, there’s always the “One glass of wine a night is good for your health” school of thought. Or the, “It brings people together and gets them to open up and connect” argument....

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Master your decisive moments, master your life

We rarely give conscious thought to our daily habits. So much of our day is driven by them. For example, brushing your teeth in the morning, buckling your seatbelt, checking your phone, getting home from work at the end of the day and turning on the TV, etc. Habits...

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