Session 3, Week 2

Warm-Up: Tabata Double Unders! (8 rounds :20 ON :10 OFF)

Part 1.

10 Min AMRAP
250 m Row
10 Deficit push-ups (plates 45/25)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

• Score equals rounds + reps completed in 10 minutes
• If you don’t finish the row at the end of the 10 minutes every 10 m= 1 rep (each round=45 reps)
• Deficit push-ups are done with each hand on a plate
• Modify deficit push-ups with regular push-ups if you cannot get your chest to the ground and maintain a perfect plank position.

10:00 rest

Part 2. Rowing Intervals

10 Rounds
OTM (on the minute)
Male= Row 250m
Female= Row 200m

Score= total rest (in seconds) for the remainder of the minute added together as one number

If you fail to complete the meters in the minute drop 10 meters the next minute.
(for example: fail at minute 3 to complete 250m, minute 4 you row 240m, if you fail in minute 6 at 240, drop to 230m in minute 7)

If you have to drop meters, note the minute you had to with an asterisk (*)

*Note this workout is for endurance athletes only! The next time to join will be in session 4 which begins the week of January 27th 2014