Session 2, Week 3

Warm-Up: :30 jump squat :30 rest, :30 plyometric push up :30 rest, :30 jump lunge :30 rest, :30 GHD sit up :30 rest (if you don’t know what these movements are check with a coach)

Part 1.

4 Rounds
3 min ON
500 m row+ Body weight AMRAP
Round 1= Air Squats, Round 2= Sit Ups, Round 3= Push Up, Round 4= Pull Up
3 min OFF

Score is each of the body weight movements in each round.

• Each round starts with a 500 m row
• There are a total of four rounds, each time you switch the body weight movement you complete for the remainder of the 3 minutes
• Rest 3 minutes between rounds

Rest 10:00

Part 2. Rowing Interval

1000 m row for time!

*Note this workout is for endurance athletes only! The next time to join will be in session 3 which begins the week of December 30th.