The Foundry Team at CIRC 2014!

The Foundry Team at CIRC 2014!

The second season of Winter Endurance begins next week! Let’s bust out the ergs and get to work! Here’s some information about this year’s Winter Endurance program.

Who is this for?

Any Foundry member who is looking to improve their rowing technique, kettle bell skills, body weight movement, and overall endurance should consider this program. We also plan to compete at the Chicago Indoor Rowing Competition again this year, we are waiting on more details on when and where that will be held.

What is the commitment to the program?

This year there are two options:

1. The “Full” program includes 1 long distance workout (done on your own time during the week), 1 class workout (8 AM on Saturdays) along with at least 3 CrossFit WoDs/week. Sign-up commitment required. Program sent to you each week. Priority to Saturday Class workouts.

2. The Saturday 8 AM Class when you want an extra rowing/interval/kettlebell workout. Open to all Foundry Members based on erg availability.

What are the class workouts like?

Every Saturday at 8 AM at Printer’s Row, we will go over drills and technique and then do a rowing/kettlebell/bodyweight workout together.

How long is the entire program?

The Winter Endurance season is 16 weeks long. It is split up into four 4 week sessions so that members can commit to some or all of the sessions to be part of the “Full” program. The dates of each session are:

Session 1: November 3rd-30th
Session 2: December 1st-28th
Session 3: December 29th-January 25th
Session 4: January 26th-Febuary 22nd

When is the first class?

The first class is Saturday November 8th. Members must pre-register so that there are enough ergs available. Members in the “Full” program have priority access to ergs over those who are just looking for an extra workout. Class size is limited to 12.

In the Full program, what does a typical week of training look like?

Monday: CrossFit Class WoD
Tuesday: CrossFit Class WoD
Wednesday: Endurance Long Distance Workout (on your own)
Thursday: Rest
Friday: CrossFit Class WoD
Saturday: Endurance Class (Drills, Rowing Wod, Intervals)
Sunday: Rest

If you are interested in the Full program, email Coach Rachel at rachel@thefoundrychicago.com to reserve your spot. Feel free to email with any other questions.


PJ in the Men's Relay!

PJ in the Men’s Relay at CIRC 2014!