With 30 days of healthy eating completed, the results are in and we are happy to announce the winners of The Foundry Winter 2013 Whole30 Nutrition Challenge!

Congratulations to our participants – everyone who adhered to the program made great strides.  The stories you all shared with us about your experience were incredible inspiring. Here is a snapshot of the results:

  • Steve P. lost 15lbs and over 6 inches from his waist and hips!
  • Stephanie P. lost 20lbs and two pant sizes!
  • Courney K. learned the difference between restriction and choice and feels healthier than ever!
  • Meghan K. lost 10lbs and two dress sizes.  She also overcame a fear of box jumps and even inspired her sister to join the challenge!  They’re going for another 30 days.
  • Ahsan lost 10lbs and 5% body fat.  He also eliminated chronic headaches and started sleeping better!
  • Geoff K. lost 9lbs, 6% body fat and 7 inches from his waist and hips.  Even better, he eradicated his high cholesterol and stopped taking prescription meds.  His doctors advice? “Keep on doing whatever you’re doing.”

The winner of the challenge is Stephanie P, with Ahsan and Courtney K. as finalists.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing their reflective essays on the blog.