Last weekend, Foundry members united for a sun & sand filled workout at the beach.  We partner carried, sprinted, did burpees in the water, and team situps in the surf.  It was an awesome way to enjoy our fitness and have fun with the people we workout with on a daily basis.  Check out the video recap:

The Prescription For a Great Life

At The Foundry, we believe our training is just one component of having a great life.  After 15+ years as a tennis athlete and 6+ years as a Foundry athlete, I have learned that there are some general guidelines that inspire me to feel fulfilled and happy.

The reason I train is to lead an awesome, inspired life and help others to do the same, and I’ve found the most success when following this prescription:

1)  Train at The Foundry at least 2-3x/week
2)  Eat Clean > 80% of the time
3)  Play a sport at least once a week, try a new sport at least once a year
4)  Get out in nature at least once a week
5)  Embark on a new adventure at least once a year.

Often when people feel stuck in a rut, we find that one or more of the components above are missing.  Conversely, we find that people who follow the prescriptionhave fun, play more, and challenge themselves in new ways.

Fortunately, that’s what we do.

To learn more and see how we may be able to help, click the button below:

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-Justin Quandt | Founder