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Captain’s Update

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we have a lot to give thanks for.   First, I’m thankful I get to do something so meaningful and witness the progress you make each day.  There are some truly inspiring members of our community, and I’m excited to share the details of November Athlete of the Month with you.  Amongst the staff, we get excited when we see our members set a new PR, achieve a movement breakthrough or reach a goal.

I am very grateful to have been selected for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program.  The Foundry was recognized as being in the top 4% of companies in the United States, something i am extremely proud of.  As a scholar, I am receiving mentorship from some of the nation’s top educators and business minds.

-Justin Quandt | Founder

November Athlete of the Month: Amy Gowans

I’m excited and proud to announce this month’s Athlete of the Month: Amy Gowans!  Amy has been a member at the Foundry for two years and has made an incredible transformation in that time.  Every time I see Amy she is stronger or can perform a new movement or progression.  Recently, she did a handstand against the wall, something she previously considered impossible.

Amy is an inspiration for how to have a great life.  She works out consistently, spends time with family and friends, volunteers for her church and travels regularly (in the city, nationally, and internationally!).  She’s a regular at Foundry social events and frequently tries new activities!  If Amy is around, I know I’m going to have a positive, engaging conversation and also likely to learn something new.

At 50 years young, Amy shows us that we can get better at any age.  Her amazing progress can be summarized as follows: she shows up consistently, puts in the work, and takes her nutrition seriously.

Amy’s journey has not only affected her, she has inspired others in her network to start eating better, exercising more, and taking their life to the next level.  She often brings her family to the gym community workouts and her Son, Bill became a member last summer while he was on break.  With more than 40 pounds lost, others have taken notice, and recently her friend Jodi from church joined our community.

Coach Jeff caught up with her recently to find out more about her life and how she’s become so successful:

[Jeff] What do you do for work?
[Amy] I serve as a lead volunteer at my church.  My primary role is to welcome people to our Ministry Center, which is in the heart of the Loop.  We are open during the week and have all kinds of guests, from travelers, business people, students, and homeless people.  I am the lead point person for our volunteer team and provide encouragement for them, along with training.

[Jeff] Tell us your Foundry Story! 
[Amy] My husband and I moved to the city 4 years ago to start a new life as empty nesters.  I was very involved at Lifetime Fitness in Schaumburg and participated in “team” groups there.  While at Lifetime I was introduced to an integrative health coach.  She taught me so much about nutrition and I knew this was a huge growth area for me.

One of the hardest thing about move to the city was finding another team to be a part of.  I stalked The Foundry for 2+ years before I got the courage to email Justin.  The Foundry provided me the personal attention and community I had been looking for, but the nutrition component was still an area I struggled with.

I began attending The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in January of 2015, the same time I started the Foundry.  It was a year long program designed to become a health coach.  I knew I needed to by my own coach in this area.   9 months later (yep, that’s a long time), I had a light bulb moment.  Sugar was impairing my health and I needed to make some big changes.

Since quitting the “white” stuff, life has changed.  I sleep better, have better mental clarity, and my performance on the WOD’s continues to improve.   I had the pleasure of being a mentor with Coach Matt and the Healthy Habits Challenge, last spring.  It feels great to share both the fitness and nutrition journey with like minded people.

[Jeff] What are some of your long term and short term goals?
[Amy] This is a hard question.  My primary goal is to just show up!  At my age, I have a lot of friends who are unhealthy and it makes me very sad.  I want to be that fit 75 year-old woman who looks 50!  I’ve got some time to work on that.  It is a process and over the last two years, I have seen my stability and endurance increase.   At some point, I’d like to be able to do double-unders and break through my fear of jumping on a box!  I’m getting there.

[Jeff] Anything else you want to say about your experience at The Foundry?
I love the community The Foundry offers.  It’s one of the few places I can go and be myself and not experience judgment.  Typically I have to be “on” for everyone in my life.  That makes it hard to be vulnerable, sweat, and fail.  I Love that The Foundry accepts me for who I am.

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Upcoming Events

  • Friday 11/25 – Community Workout at Lakeshore East Park
  • 12/3 Trapeze Yoga Workshop @ Printers Row

Community Workout @ Lakeshore East Park

This Friday (The day after Thanksgiving), we’ll be hosting a workout in the park starting at 11am.  Bring your family and friends, & Foundry alumni, it will be a great time!  We’ll break into big teams and work together to complete the workout.  There will be a big loop setup with obstacles and stations to complete and accumulate points.  Afterward we’ll grab food and drink at Brown Bag Seafood Co.

Here’s the location:


Trapeze Yoga w/ Kristin

First Ever in Chicago!

Trapeze Yoga with Kristin OsbornThe Yoga trapeze is a suspension yoga system great for back pain, core strength, shoulder mobility and balance.  It’s a challenging workout and a lot of fun!

Foundry Yoga Instructor Kristin will be leading a 90 minute workshop to introduce the core movements. Kristin trained in this discipline in Spain, and is one of the only Trapeze Yoga instructors in the U.S.

Join us for this exclusive FUN class! Try new movements and explore gentle traction therapy.

Space is limited to 20 people and a bunch are already gone!

The Foundry Printers Row

Saturday, December 3rd
Cost: $30 for Foundry Members
$40 for non-members

Register for Workshop