A: Punish Your Weakness

*pick a single skill from one of our training modalities

G: parallette HSPU negatives -OR- parrallette plyometric push up

W: snatch pull -OR- snatch balance

M: Tabata erg-row -OR- Tabata singles/double unders


B: partner work

10 repeats,  5m bear crawl + 5m sprint

*partner band resisted. start in bear crawl transitioning into sprint at 5m mark.


C: Partner triplet – CAP21

  • 100 box jump 20″ (single box)
  • 100 dirty south toss #20 (wall ball toss over the dirty south bar)
  • 100 sandbag shoulder burpee #20 (burpee followed by sandbag clean)

*partners trade reps