– Complimentary Yoga for Foundry Members, throughout February at Yoga Six (in the Roosevelt Collection)!

The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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12 air squats

10m bear crawl

10m backwards bear crawl

12s hollow hold

12s superman hold

Handstand Push-ups (OTM 16)

10-15 Minutes Handstand Push-up Review and Skill Progressions

Then, OTM 16

Odd – 3-5 HSPU

Even – 10-30sec Handstand Hold

*For OTM work if you do not have HSPU or Handstnd holds…

HSPU – Decline Box Push-up, 5 reps. Make them hard!!! Torso as vertical as possible.

Holds – Wall Walk into position and hold at top.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


2 – Wall Walks

6 – Kettlebell Snatch (53/35) – 3ea side

12 – Kettlebell Thruster (53/35) – 6ea side

****EOM – 6 Burpees