The Foundry Union Station, The Foundry Printers Row – CrossFit

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2 rounds in 10 minutes

8 squat stretch

10 superman to hollow

8 pass throughs

10 band pull downs

8 kb bent over row

10 kb thrusters (5 per side)

8 scap pull ups

Equipment: light/medium kb and light band


Strict pullups, OTM 15

Rotate through the following 5 times.

a) Strict Pull Ups 4-6 challenging reps (weighted, least assistance from band or 3 sec. neg w/ assistance during the concentric)

b) 2-8 Kipping Pull ups or CTB (scale to kips with focus on straight arms on the back swing of the kip)

c) rest

Weighted Pull-ups (4-6 reps)

if weighted pull ups score heaviest set

Pull-ups (4-6 )

if body weight or banded score last set of strict pull ups.

write the band used, rings or negative in the notes.


Metcon (Time)

For Time, CAP 20

50 wall balls 20/14

40 russian twist ( right and left = 1 rep)

30 ball slams

20 med ball sit ups

10 push ups

REST 5:00

25 wallballs

20 russian twist

15 ball slams

10 med ball sit up

5 pushups

RX+ HSPU, NO Abmats