The Foundry Printers Row, The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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3 rounds of:

20 mountain climbers

15 KB swings

10 KB Goblet squats

5 KB strict press

Coach led barbel warm up

Power Clean (5×10 Touch n’ Go @ 3:00 clock)

Barbell Cycling

Build to a max set of 10 UNBROKEN REPS.

Yes, they are all from the floor (with NO RESET at the floor).

The goal is speed and power.

Metcon (Time)

6x 2:00 clock, KB Complex 53/35

On one arm, then the other arm:

– 4 shoulder to overhead

– 5 thrusters

– 6 front rack lunges (total)

– rest remainder of interval

Score = total working time

RX+ is 70/53

*Take note of time remaining in each interval so you can calculate your total working time at the end.

*Complete the complex on both arms before resting.