The Foundry Union Station – CrossFit

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Context: Practice

mobility: coaches choice


A: Power Clean (6 x 2 )

Every 2 minutes

1 power clean with 3 second pause below knee + 1 power clean.

Work between 50-75% of 1RM

Focus on pushing knees back, staying over the bar and keeping the bar close.


B: (18.03.07) 3 Lil’ Jackies (Time)

CAP 18

3 Rounds for Time

400m row

16 Thrusters *45# (Athletic:35#, Health: 25#)

10* pull ups (athletic: 7, Health: Jumping Pull ups)

Rest the time it took you to complete the work.

*Women’s RX

Scaling guideline: 2-3 minutes per round, 10-16 minutes total
If you are not participating in the OPEN or if the score is not that important to you. Then you can complete the Benchmark “Jackie” and add it to the performance.


1000 m row

50 Thrusters 45#

30 pull ups