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A: (19.01.16) Row, Bike, Row (MAP 6/7) X 3 (3 Rounds for time)

In 12 minute intervals x 3 (36 minutes)

1) 2000 m row/ 1500m row */ 1200 m row

2) 100 cal bike / 80 cal bike* / 60 cal bike

3) 2000 m row/ 1500m row */ 1200 m row

RX+: 120 / 100* bike cals in no more than your row time.

*women’s RX.

(AD6 bike: 120/ 100 / 80 great for “fitness or health” track. )

The goal is to complete the work in 7-9 minutes, resting about half of the time of work. (ex. Work for 8 minutes/ rest for 4). Additionally, best practices of this type of training should reflect similars scores on first row and second row. Other of stations doesn’t matter, it is okay to go from row to row.

Core work:

Complete isometric holds in the remaining time of the intervals.

Options (select something that will allow for :30-:60 second holds):

Plank (low or high)

Side planks


Handstand Hold

L- Sit/Hang



Class Cooldown/ Mobility at the end of class.

Cash Out

Complete an extra round of the intervals. Preferably the bike and match your previous time (row is okay as well)