A: ‘Punish Your Weakness’

bodyweight density – EOM20 alternating couplets 40ON:20OFF

odd: 8 alternating lunges + amrap double unders

even: 8 toes to bar + amrap burpees

* 20:00 of density training performing alternating couplets on odd and even minutes :40 work followed by :20 rest


B: Mobility/ REST  10:00


C: MetCon

10 rounds – 2:00 clock

  • 10 Kcal row
  • 10 front squats #135/95

*rounds run consecutively, complete work as quickly as possible working for accumulated rest. The squats should be done at 50% of RM or Rx, whichever is lighter (in other words use a weight that allows you to complete squats unbroken with flawless technique).